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🍒 Welcome to WikiFCD, the database of food composition and nutrient information that anyone can edit!

🥥 Many food composition databases (FCDs) - which currently come in various different formats (e.g. PDF, CSV) - include varying degrees of detail. Nutrient content of unprocessed food items (e.g. apples) can also vary for the same item from different areas and times because of changing characteristics such as climate and terroir.

🥒 Here you can search across multiple FCDs with a single search. We hope to reduce the time that epidemiologists, nutritionists and other researchers spend searching for food composition data. We support federated queries with Wikidata that allow you to ask questions of this data in combination with other linked open datasets.

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🌶️ Ideas for Contribution

  • Find food items that do not yet have an image and add an image from Wikimedia Commons. 📸
    • Step 1: Consult this query that returns a list of food items that do not yet have an image.
    • Step 2: Search one of those food items on Wikimedia Commons and select your image.
    • Step 3: Create a new statement of that food item's page with P59 "Image" to connect the image to the item.
  • Add a recipe for a dish. 📇
  • Make connections between food items and their pages in the Wikibooks Cookbook using Property 303. 📖